In data venerdì 8 gennaio 2016 14:41:58, Torsten Bronger ha scritto:
> Pino Toscano writes:
> > [...]
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> > In data domenica 15 novembre 2015 20:55:54, Torsten Bronger ha scritto:
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> >> We suggest to count the database format version in the Debian
> >> package name as it is common for libraries: lensfun-data1,
> >> lensfun-data2, etc.
> >
> > Hm, on a Debian system you don't have multiple versions of lensfun
> > though, i.e. only one liblensfunN, so that version has just one
> > version of the data; hence, if I make liblensfunN x.y.z depend on
> > liblensfun-data >= x.y.z, that should ensure the library has the
> > data it needs, no?
> If there is only one ABI version of lensfun installed, this would
> work.  If you want to make possible that liblensfunM can be
> installed locally parallely to liblensfunN, you need to put the
> database format version (not the ABI number) in the -data package.

I see, although often is the database format version going to be bumped?
Say only between lensfun x.y.z to x.(y+1), or even for .z releases?
My only concern about versioning the -data package is that every time
it needs to be bumped, the source (liblensfun) has to pass the NEW
queue in Debian (which means review by ftp-masters, and can take up to
days); OTOH I could live with that. The only thing I would do is naming
it like liblensfun-data-vN though, as what you suggested earlier may
imply it is providing a shared library liblensfun-data.so.N.

Another solution could be double versioning the data, by library SONAME
and database version, e.g. /usr/share/lensfun_$ABI/version_$DB/, which
could allow to have liblensfunN and liblensfunN-data,
parallel-installable aside each other SOVERSION.

(Btw, are you an upstream developer? If so, may I contact you outside
of this bug for a couple of things to be fixed?)

Pino Toscano

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