2016-04-24 13:15 GMT-03:00 Andreas Beckmann <a...@debian.org>:

> My concerns are primarily about the Build-Depends(-Indep), because these
> are going to break at some point for sure.

​I'm sorry, could you explain why we can't depend on mysql-server instead
of mysql-server-core-5.6​ on the Build-Depenps(-Indep)?
I believe i don't have as much experience packaging as you do, i just
started recently.

I've got the impression that you mean asking for the mysql team to package
mysql-server-core and mariadb-server-core wouldn't be a solution, is that
right? If so, why?

Also, I just saw that the Debian Release Team decided that the default
database option should be MariaDB[1], so instead of mysql-server, we put


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