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> Amarok defines as build dependency:
> Build-Depends-Indep: mysql-server-core-5.6 | mysql-server-core
> This should be changed to:
> Build-Depends-Indep: mysql-server-core-5.6 | virtual-mysql-server-core

That has been implemented, but that's the wrong approach.

The buildds only consider the first alternative. This will break once
mysql-5.6 gets replaced by mysql-5.7 (or whatever else).
This will break in stretch in case mysql-5.6 leaves stretch.
And even if secondary alternatives would be considered by the buildds -
which provider of virtual-mysql-server-core should be installed? There
is probably more than one ...

So in this case you would really want a generic real package as first

Build-Depends(-Indep): default-mysql-server-core | virtual-mysql-server-core

except that we currently don't have default-mysql-server-core ...


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