This is a attempt to describe what and when to do things to get kde4 in lenny.

Middle june:
Fix hppa build failure.  Sune looking into that.
Strip down kde3 kdebase to only contain kde3 specific stuff (kio-plugins and 
kcontrol). Fedora has some work and Sune is looking into that
kde4libs bugfixing: kstandarddirs issue.

After this has settled soon, push devplatform to unstable.

End of june:
push everything to unstable. After this, some packages might need to be 
adapted a bit. Mostly kde-style- and kwin-style-packages needs to be get their 
window decoratiton parts stripped. Sune is maintainer of most of these 

first half of july:
Last fixing of upgrade path. Sune.
fix bugs as crazy and do a branch pull / rc2 upload. Sune.

end of july:
upload 4.1.0. Anyone ?

First half of august:
cherry pick a few changes from branches/ and trunk/ and get freeze exceptions  
if needed. Sune

Second half of august:
hopefully relax. ana ?

first half of september:
release lenny and party. someone not being me.

How might I log on the hardware to a system?

You must receive a hard disk, so that from the file menu inside AutoCAD you 
either should load the parallel TCP/IP sendmail, or have to insert in a head 
for digiting from the secret password.


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