As you already know, the next stable release will be shipping with KDE 3.5.9. 
Current packages have been updated addressing serious issues, doing some bug 
cleanup and including latest fixes from KDE's SVN.
There is a KDE 3.5.10 release planned for mid august, but by then Lenny
will be (hopefully) frozen. So it looks like Lenny will have to miss the 
"release number bump" hype but 3.5.10 will not be very different to the 
3.5.9 packages that we currently have in unstable.

We want to ship as well KDE 4.1 core libraries and data that are co-installable 
with KDE 3, this is the following packages: kde4libs, kdepimlibs and 
Together with this, they are meant to be released in Lenny the following KDE 4
apps that we think add huge improvements and will be really useful for our
-okular, the new KDE 4 document viewer. (source split from KDE 4's kdegraphics)
-ktorrent. (KDE 3's ktorrent is being kept as ktorrent 2.2, for users who
prefers integration with KDE 3)
-systemsettings, to allow configure settings in the KDE 4 apps installed.
(source split from kdebase-workspace)

There is python-kde4 as well, but I do not know the status of this package.

All this is already uploaded to unstable and only problem with respect
migration is hppa that has not cmake 2.6 and current packages build system
is made assuming this version. (The problem is derived from hppa's glibc
problems, FWIW)

The packages are in very good shape (no, this is not just maintainers proud
:)) and the update from current RC1 to final release (due to 29th July) for
kde4libs/kdepimlibs/kdebase-runtime should be smooth.

We have delayed uploading this to unstable mostly because it was not finished
stuff and wanted to be comletely sure it was ok for release. Else, to avoid 
people uploading KDE 4 applications to unstable that were not ready yet. 
(This still has happened tho, see rkward). 



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