On Wednesday 20 August 2008, you wrote:

> > When I added a start icon for the showimg application to my panel I
> > didn't get the appropriate icon. I fixed this by copying the
> > /usr/share/applications/kde/gwenview.desktop file to showimg.desktop and
> > modifyed it with a text editor. The other applications showed their
> > correct icon.
> > Should I file a bug report?
> Yes, it's a bug to be addressed in the gwenview package.

OK, I just filed a bug report for showimg.

> > When updating kmail I used
> > aptitude -t experimental install kontact
> > and expected that kmail would automagically be updated to. But it wasn't.
> > Shouldn't there be a dependency taking care of this?
> The kontact > kmail recommend is not versionned. Anyway, the proper way to
> do this would be to upgrade the kdepim meta-package which has the right
> dependencies.
> I think it should be considered a bug anyway.

You mean, I should open a bug report for kontact for the missing dependency on 



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