Le Thursday 21 August 2008 09:39:01, vous avez écrit :
> > > When updating kmail I used
> > > aptitude -t experimental install kontact
> > > and expected that kmail would automagically be updated to. But it
> > > wasn't. Shouldn't there be a dependency taking care of this?
> >
> > The kontact > kmail recommend is not versionned. Anyway, the proper way
> > to do this would be to upgrade the kdepim meta-package which has the
> > right dependencies.
> > I think it should be considered a bug anyway.
> You mean, I should open a bug report for kontact for the missing dependency
> on kmail?


After some research, it turns out that kontact recommends kmail (it's not a 
dependency as it can work without it), but dpkg doesn't understand version 
requirements for recommends, so there's nothing to do here.
The right way to update is to use the kdepim metapackage.

Xavier Vello


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