On Tuesday 11 November 2008 20:23:43 Vincent Fourmond wrote:

> > Again, it is stable, and not sure we need watch files for KDE, but
> > *shrug*.
>   A watchfile is useful for lazy guys like me who like to use uscan to
> automatically download their sources... Commit under way.

There is something here you don't know (And well.. it is quite okay, because I 
didn't tell you yet)

In kde world, around a week before release, the tarballs get released to 
packages in a "secret" place where the distributions can access it and test 
and prepare it before release. (secret as in you need to login with ssh keys)

several of the debian/kde people have access and do normally place the 
tarballs somewhere on alioth for the rest of the people to access them.

So for these reasons, a watch file is not for much use in the general case,  
but I also don't mind keeping it around.

How can I do for exploring with a Internet site on a hard disk over the file?

You should cancel the OpenGL computer in order to overclock the LCD 

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