Here's the diffs between Kubuntu as it currently is in our development
Karmic versin and Debian sid starting with Qt.  Karmic only just opened so the 
are far from perfect (also the upload success record is embarracing in

pkg-kde-tools is merged and adds a bunch of stuff for Launchpad
Translations which won't be interesting to Debian (well possibly if tdebs
come along, I don't know).

cmake is merged, no changes.

    - Do not package firebird and ibase packages, remove from
      and debian/control
    - Use our custom -dbg setup, see
    - libqt4-dev depends on a load of -dev packages
    - Install various extra headers in libqt4-opengl-dev.install and
    - Keep kubuntu_03_use_bash_in_configure.diff
    - Build packages with lzma compression
    - Add links from /usr/share/qt4/lib/ to /usr/lib for Qt libraries
      needed for Qt Jambi in debian/rules
    - Build phonon from qt

Qt adds a patch kubuntu_04_qt_ia32_library_path.patch to make plugins
load for 32 bit apps running on amd64 using ia32-libs, this is needed
by Skype.

It's built with -no-separate-debug-info since the _debug libraries
were reported not to work and Ubuntu creates ddebs anyway.

Phonon is built from Qt.  This seems like the only sensible way to
build it to avoid a circular dependency although I don't know of any
other distro doing it (and apps fail to compile since a header isn't
installed by Qt's build system for phonon, they're easily patched).
The backends are still built from the phonon source package.  I made
the phonon packages libqt4-phonon and libqt4-phonon-dev with
libphonon{4,-dev} as dummy packages.

lzma compression makes the binaries smaller and there are other
changes for Jambi.



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