On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 02:19:17PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> How big would the resulting install be?
> I'm asking because it is *essential* that the packages listed as "Key" 
> don't install too large a system as they (plus all their Depends, not 
> Recommends) must easily fit on a single CD (together with D-I, 
> documentation (installation guide, release notes), base system, kernel, 
> X.org, etc.).
> Will the kde-standard meta package fit that requirement?

Yes, I think it will do. Currently kde-standard is exactly the same than 
kde-minimal. The goal in the very close future is that kde-standard become 
something between kde-minimal and kde-full; this a similar to what the old 
task does, it contains kde-core and some modules. (Actually I think the
current list of key packages is too big, but that does not matter anymore)

The goal of kde-standard is provide what an average user would expect: browser,
file manager (those both are included in kde-standard), but also pdf reader
(okular, kdegraphics), etc... I think it will be a better selection that what
is currently listed "key".

> If not, it might be better to list something "smaller" as Key package, 
> with kde-standard as a "regular" package that's to be installed if 
> available.

If kde-standard becomes too big, the task can be changed to kde-minimal 
plus subset of modules. And move the remaining to Packages-list, or even
directly list there kde-full (it does list kde now...)

But for what we (kde team) have in mind for kde-standard, it should fit
perfectly the task.

> And even after that, regular packages included in the task should also not 
> total too much. Preferably the whole task should be installable from CD1, 
> ideally with room to spare for at least some KDE l10n packages.

In any case, from now to one year that we will have to relook at this. KDE
upstream is in constantly doing changes and who knows how things will end up
for the time that we will be getting ready for squeeze (KDE 4.4 or KDE 4.5 or
who knows). 



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