Quoting Ana Guerrero (a...@debian.org):

> > Will the kde-standard meta package fit that requirement?
> Yes, I think it will do. Currently kde-standard is exactly the same than 
> kde-minimal. The goal in the very close future is that kde-standard become 
> something between kde-minimal and kde-full; this a similar to what the old 
> task does, it contains kde-core and some modules. (Actually I think the
> current list of key packages is too big, but that does not matter anymore)


I think that Ana's answer is well suited to answer Frans'
concerns. So, applying the patcjh *and uploading tasksel* would be OK,

Any objections to this ?

(please note that I'm OK to apply the patch but, while I could
certainly upload tasksel as well, I'd prefer the "regular" maintainers
to do so (looking for the recent past, that would mean Joey or

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