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> Hi again!
> As most bugs in our bts are upstream bugs and we do not have the resources
> to forward them properly I suggest the following:
> We install presubj files for KDE packages which encourage the users to
> report bugs at bugs.kde.org, telling them that their chances to see the
> bug fixed are much much higher compared to reporting the bug in our bts.
> Note: I do not propose the forbid the users to report upstream bugs, I
> just want to encourage them.
> Apart from that Pino proposed to add a link to [0] and mention the name to
> the respective -dbg package.
> Modestas proposed to link the presubj scripts to on shipped by kdelibs.
> Maybe we could do this: kdelibs ships a presubj.in and all source packages
> replace something like ${SOURCE-PACKAGE}-dbg with their respective names
> and install the presubj file for all binary packages. This way all the
> packages would contain the name of the correct -dbg package.
> What do you think?
> Am I insane?
> Greetings,
> Armin

I can't say if the metodology of how to achieve this is correct, but the idea 
is excellent. I have seen it in another packages before (twinkle I guess), and 
I really like it.

Regards, Lisandro.

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lis: comentario sobre tu frase....
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