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If any of you have big plans for packaigng changes regarding kde4.3.0, now is 
the time to speak up with your plans and a timeline for accomplishing it 
and/or mentioning what help you need from others to accomplish it.

Especially plans that requires NEW caused by packaging changes, and not caused 
by "new applications", or things that in general can cause breakages that we 
need to care about.

My plans:
Split kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 in seperate libraries. Done mostly by Martin 
Alfke with a bit additional cleanup by George Kiagiadakis and Modestas Vainius

pc files for the mono bindings, more mono packages.
Split out krosspython and krossruby (antd other krossthings) to separate 

Do you know how to overclock the 92-bit TCP/IP cache?

You have to explore the terminale over a PCI BIOS, so that from ICQ you 
neither can telnet to the system on a proxy to a display, nor need to get 
access over the utility, so that therefore you should connect the kernel to 
boot a hardware of the POP3mail window over a sendmail on the mouse over the 
UltraDMA PCI computer.


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