On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 12:55 AM, David Palacio
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> On Jueves 25 Febrero 2010 16:42:20 Modestas Vainius escribió:
>> Hello,
>> since there is no Debian stable with KDE 4 yet and having in mind the
>> recent KDE rebranding [1], I think there will never be a better time to
>> change names of the meta-kde metapackages to match the new branding and
>> give our metapackages somewhat official names for the first time in the
>> KDE history.
>> My proposal:
>> kde-minimal becomes:
>> --------------------
>> Package: kde-plasma-desktop
>> Provides: kde-minimal
>> Package: kde-plasma-netbook
>> Provides: kde-minimal
>> kde-standard mostly remains as it is except:
>> -------------------------------------
>> Package: kde-standard
>> Depends: kde-plasma-desktop | kde-plasma-netbook, $standard_apps
> +=1

I think that's a good idea.

>> kde-full becomes (already done in svn):
>> ---------------------------------------
>> Package: kde-sc
>> Provides: kde-full
> "sc" alone means nothing. It should be "kde-software-compilation". But as
> Debian already implies software, it could be shortened to "kde-compilation".

I also don't like "kde-sc" much. I don't think we should drop "full",
otherwise we will get the same effect that the "kde" metapackage had.
If we want to introduce the "sc" part in the name, then imho the
packages need rename as follows:

- kde-minimal -> kde-plasma-desktop + kde-plasma-netbook (provide
- kde-standard -> kde-sc-standard
- kde-full -> kde-sc-full

However, I think that "sc" may just confuse users.
"software-compilation" would be less confusing, but that becomes too
long, so I'm not very much in favor of adding the this part in the



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