Alle domenica 28 febbraio 2010, Modestas Vainius ha scritto:
> Package: kde-standard
> Depends: kde-plasma-desktop | kde-minimal, $standard_apps
> Suggests: kde-plasma-desktop, kde-plasma-netbook
> Package: kde-full
> Provides: kde-software-compilation
> Depends: kde-plasma-desktop, kde-plasma-netbook, $the_rest_of_kdesc

Regarding this situation: should kde-full depend on kde-standard?
The case that triggered my question is #539169: konq-plugins is recommended by 
kde-standard but not by kde-full. At first I thought about making kde-full 
recommend it as well, but in case we add more "3rd party" packages 
recommends/suggestions to kde-standard we would need to "replicate" them in 
kde-full as well.

Pino Toscano

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