> 1) We would use the same workflow as for qt4-x11.git, i.e. no upstream branch.
> It proved to be fine, didn't it? Fathi, you worked most with qt4-x11.git, is
> there anything you would like to be changed?

nothing to change, I like the workflow we have with Qt.

> Secondary motivation is that centralized svn is ageing while git is
> distributed, fast, has some nice features and is the most featureful DVCS at
> the moment.

it will save space on the harddisk ;)

> Last but not least, KDE upstream is eventually switching to git.


git.kde.org is set up.

As you can see, I used git on most new Qt related packages.
+1 to switch KDE packaging to git.

It isn't clear on your mail but the switch to git is for pkg-kde svn.
IMHO, the switch should includes kde-extras and krap.
For KDE Extras, it will avoid fragmentation as we have some packages
in svn.d.o and some other on git.d.o.




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