On pirmadienis 12 Liepa 2010 12:09:38 Sune Vuorela wrote:
> git clone...
> tar --magic-option-that-are-hard-to-remember xf foo.tar.gz
> build...

it's --strip=1. shell aliases help.

> Somehow, I think I woudl prefer if it was just the content of twhe debian
> dir that was versioned, not the directory.
> tar xf foo.tar.gz
> git clone .... debian

I don't think it is a good idea unless you intend to keep `git clone`ing each 
new upstream release. In your scenario, removing old upstream source tree but 
keeping "debian" in the persistent cloned packaging directory will need some 
effort (more than remembering --strip=1 to tar). On the contrary, when debian 
dir itself is versioned, you can use `git clean -xdff` to clean up old 
upstream source tree without too much effort because parent packaging 
directory is under git control.

I see where is your idea coming from. However, git is not svn and I don't 
think `cp -a debian /path/to/upstream/source` is a particularly good idea 
mainly because git encourages "commit frequently, push rarely" and subversion 
gives you no other choice but to push when committing. Desyncing working tree 
with git state will be confusing in the long term. That's why git won't even 
allow to push to checked out repository by default.

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