I am a member of this list but not the packaging team, I develop AV Linux
and use your packages from GIT, Unstable and Squeeze regularly. Last year
when I released AV Linux 2.0 based on Squeeze I had to build about 75% of
the Audio applications from source in order to fulfill the status quo with
other Multimedia intensive Distributions. The amount of ground this team
has covered in less than a year is earth-shattering, I now have less than
10% of my applications outside of the official Debian channels.

Perhaps in the long term you guys will make me redundant but my user
numbers continue to grow and I have to contemplate what direction to
continue in. I haven't found Debian Testing/Unstable to be a terrible easy
thing to distribute, as a single developer I don't have an extensive
breakage buffering infrastructure like SiduX does and I basically have to
tell my users not to update and provide them with regular updated ISO
snapshots that I have broken and fixed to a point of useability.

Finally to my question(s)...how much of the current pkg-multimedia
inventory will find it's way into Debian 6.0? Also now that there is a
pkg-multimedia team in place for the next stable release will new
applications eventually make their way into Stable? Or will it be the age
old pattern of Debian Stable being bliss for the first few moths of it's
release and then being woefully out of date for multimedia heads? I wish I
could say that Xorg, Udev, Grub2 and other libs have been fun to work with
this past year...but NOT! I'd like to know what to expect to continue on
for the next year. (Or until you guys get rid of me!)

Your comments and insight are appreciated! Best Regards, Glen MacArthur

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