Thanks for the reply,

I'm sorry to have not been more concise with my question,

My question about Stable was semi-rhetorical. Having observed the pattern
of Debian Stable in the past (and yes I was complaining a little wee bit).
Now that there is a dedicated multimedia packaging team I wonder if AV
Linux should continue with Squeeze (less fresh packages, far more core
library stability) and will there be a better representation of multimedia
updates through down to Stable?. Or will I need to continue using Testing
as a base in order to continue keeping pace?.

Does that make more sense?

I'm not even sure if it is an answerable question...but opinions are a
valued response as well.

Thanks, -GLEN

> Hi Glen,
> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 12:55:07PM -0700, wrote:
>>I am a member of this list but not the packaging team, I develop AV
>>Linux and use your packages from GIT, Unstable and Squeeze regularly.
>>Last year when I released AV Linux 2.0 based on Squeeze I had to build
>>about 75% of the Audio applications from source in order to fulfill the
>>status quo with other Multimedia intensive Distributions. The amount of
>>ground this team has covered in less than a year is earth-shattering, I
>>now have less than 10% of my applications outside of the official
>>Debian channels.
>>Perhaps in the long term you guys will make me redundant but my user
>>numbers continue to grow and I have to contemplate what direction to
>>continue in.
> Perhaps you could see the benefit of maintaining those remaining 10% at
> Alioth?
> In other words: Why not join the team - even if your target it a
> derivative of Debian rather than Debian itself?  I could certainly see a
> benefit in working as close together as possible! :-)
>>I haven't found Debian Testing/Unstable to be a terrible easy thing to
>>distribute, as a single developer I don't have an extensive breakage
>>buffering infrastructure like SiduX does and I basically have to tell
>>my users not to update and provide them with regular updated ISO
>>snapshots that I have broken and fixed to a point of useability.
> Interesting.  Seriously.
> I have quite some opinions on ways to produce custom distributions based
> on Debian, but that's off topic for this list.  I'd be happy to discuss
> this topic further at the list instead.
>>Finally to my question(s) much of the current pkg-multimedia
>>inventory will find it's way into Debian 6.0?
> Do you know about the Debian QA pages?  Have a look here:
> ...and notice the "Testing" column - that's what will end in next stable
> Debian distribution release, if all goes well.
>>Also now that there is a pkg-multimedia team in place for the next
>>stable release will new applications eventually make their way into
>>Stable? Or will it be the age old pattern of Debian Stable being bliss
>>for the first few moths of it's release and then being woefully out of
>>date for multimedia heads?
> Yes, that is exactly how it is: after a few months WHAM! everything is
> old, boring and shitty and everyone are just longing for the next
> release happening ages later.
> Or were you not trolling?  Seems you knew the answer already and really
> wanted to complain.  Perhaps if you rephrase your question it might be
> easier to understand (for me at least).
>>I wish I could say that Xorg, Udev, Grub2 and other libs have been fun
>>to work with this past year...but NOT! I'd like to know what to expect
>>to continue on for the next year. (Or until you guys get rid of me!)
> Again - what is your question here?
> kind regards,
>   - Jonas
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