On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 10:28:31PM +0100, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 21:53:20 (CET), i...@bandshed.net wrote:
> > I'm sorry to have not been more concise with my question,
> >
> > My question about Stable was semi-rhetorical. Having observed the pattern
> > of Debian Stable in the past (and yes I was complaining a little wee bit).
> > Now that there is a dedicated multimedia packaging team I wonder if AV
> > Linux should continue with Squeeze (less fresh packages, far more core
> > library stability) and will there be a better representation of multimedia
> > updates through down to Stable?. Or will I need to continue using Testing
> > as a base in order to continue keeping pace?.
> >
> > Does that make more sense?
> not sure, but you might have guessed it, stable will not see frequent
> updates to released packages. This way users can rely that security and
> other updates will not change the behavior of deployed packages.
> For getting new packages into stable inclusion of updated package in the
> backport.org archive can be considered.

My feeling is that stable can be kept "fresh" with backports up to a
certain point, at which point it makes sense to switch to
unstable/testing as a base. The sweet spot will always be a moving
target. Each custom-distro, individual user or organization's team needs
to make that call for themselves. 

If one wanted a rule to live by within each release cycle, perhaps
"stable+backports until testing enters freeze" might serve for some use
cases/target audiences. But, again, it's a judgement call. Stability and
security and "The bugs we know" vs. new features, new cabalities and "new
and interesting bugs".

Anyway, not sure if I'm totally making sense, but this is a topic I
think about often. In an ideal world we could support people
using/buiding upon stable through backports until it becomes old-stable
or some major library transition is required. But, until I actually
put-up and do some real work for this team, I have no right to complain.


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