On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 02:44:21PM +0200, Adrian Knoth wrote:
Ok guys, I've fixed the ffado portnaming issue and I also provided the manpages, in other words, the jackd2 package is now ready to be uploaded to *unstable*.

New release uses waf as build system.

That's fine in itself, but there's a problem: It ships with a self-expanding waf 1.5.0 which works but is unacceptable to use in Debian: we should not execute a binary blob as part of the build process!

Using the separately packaged waf version 1.5.10 fails to locate expat and libsamplerate (and possibly other system libraries).

I have tried to wrap my head around the waf code for some hours but give up for now.

 1) someone needs to help patch ./wscript to work with system waf
2) we need to repackage source to not include that binary waf, as we cannot easily verify if it contains wrongly licensed code.

That second point brings up that pet annoyance of mine: I can easily automate repackaging an official upstream tarball - so that it will get stripped automagically also when upstream releases their next tarball. But it is more clumsy to write a routine to pull from upstream VCS, strip from there, and store as a tarball. And even if done, it is less obvious for others to track what is then upstream and how did we hack on the upstream code.

In short: I would very much like to volunteer to repackage the current vcs-tarball as pristine-tarball + vcs-patch. Is that acceptable?

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