On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 10:54:44 (CEST), Fabian Greffrath wrote:

> Am 18.05.2010 10:35, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
>> I don't understand the race here. What is running in paralell to the
>> configure script here?
> In the build log, the result of the check is already (faulty) positive
>       checking for avcodec.h in legacy ffmpeg directory... yes
> *before* the code is actually compiled. The error message
>       ffmpeg_avcodec.c:3:28: error: ffmpeg/avcodec.h: No such file or 
> directory
> is printed *after* the line, that reports the result of the check to be
> positive.

Oh, good catch!

>> In squeeze and later, this check must always fail. To fix this bug, this
>> check should be either forcefully disabled or fixed.
> I think my patch does fix this check. Now it checks for the actual
> compilation result and not for a spurious "$?" return code of any other
> command that may have been finished successfully before the code to be
> checked has actually been compiled.

Okay, I agree that your patch look OK to me, although I don't understand
(yet) why it fixes the race. If it fixes it, let's integrate it.

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