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I suggest to only state unusual things, not defaults.

What problem does this solve?

It solves no "problem", but improves readability to not list unnecessary information.

It seems from above that you consider the information necessary. Could you elaborate on that, as I fail to understand how that is.

I general I agree that readability and maintainability is of course something that we should at least try to maintain. In this particular case we are talking about a very clear and very simple configuration file. Since the file itself is already dead simple, I don't think that in this case readability and/or maintainability is improved by removing the lines. Au contraire, leaving them in assures that the last person working on it documents that he assumes these default setting to be in place.

Heck, I'm writing way more lines to describe the situation than the file in question is long. We are really overdoing it here..

You are writing lots of lines not answering my question.

No need to waste more time on this: You clearly disagree with me.

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