So I've been maintaining a set of packages outside of Debian for a whole
bunch of libraries for the Pd (aka Pure Data) programming langauge.  Its
been in Debian for a long time in the 'puredata' package.  I've talked
with pabs, siretart and perhaps others at DebConf about them, and I
think it makes sense to have them as part of the pkg-multimedia team.

I also want to become a DM, and working with pkg-multimedia as well as
these packages will hopefully serve to fulfill that process.  I've filed
ITPs on them, and will start uploading them to (they
are already on Launchpad).

The ITPs in question are all the ITP packages starting with "pd-" (FYI:
the 'puredata' package provides 'pd', and there are other variants of
Pure Data which also provide 'pd', but aren't in Debian yet.  That's why
the libraries start with "pd-"):

I am thinking the next step is to take one package all the way thru the process and get that all smoothed out, then work on
the rest.


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