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Aand... short-form dh7 seems to not work correctly. since there is a build directory, debian/rules build says that 'build' is up to date. And phony targets do not seem to work with dh7. This means that the package ends up being built under root (in the binary stage), which is frowned upon by policy.

i'm not sure whether i fully understand this (i understand the part about the policy; i don't understand the part about dh7): is this a bug i can/should do something about or is it a bug in dh which has to be fixed in the debhelper-package?

so i have now switched from using dh directly to cdbs, assuming that this fixes the issue and to get cdbs addicts back on board :-)

Awesome (for me).

For fairness sake, I should probably mention that I am the only one in this team strongly pro CDBS, while it seems (though we have no hard numbers) that several others are opposed to it...

README.Debian is wrongly encoded: Your name contain a non-ASCII character not encoded as UTF-8 which is mandatory these days.

Changelog says the package is quilt'ified. That seems a superfluous comment to me, since there is nothing in the package (not even infrastructure files) for patching.

It seems it could make sense to add a NEWS file mentioning the change of path, so that existing users get informed about the need to add to pd-path.

Now that you use CDBS, would you then mind me adding a couple of additional features of that - like auto-resolving build-dependencies, get-orig-source rule and copyright and licensing tracking?

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