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On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 15:35:10 (CEST), Hans-Christoph Steiner
README.txt and LICENSE.txt are part of the Pd library format.
They are part of the library, and the Help Browser (aka the
library browser) looks for them to display them.  The library
format is basically a directory with files in it, and a subdir
called 'examples'.  That install target actually serves to
enforce that all the standard files are there.

In this library, I could replace the file with a symlink to
../../../ common-licenses/GPL-2, but other libraries might have
different licenses so this wouldn't always be the case.

I guess that both the license and the README.txt actually belongs to /usr/share/doc/$package, that's what debian policy tells us to
do. IIRC, documentation browsers like dhelp and the default
webserver's configurations publish /usr/share/doc so that users
can browse package documentation.

So moving these files and symlink them to where the package
expect them seems to me the right thing to do.

This is wrong, actually:

Code must not depend on /usr/share/doc existing on the machine, so when a file is needed both by runtime and below /usr/share/doc then the actual file should be placed elsewhere and a symlink be placed
below /usr/share/doc.

Not sure if this is explicitly clarified in Debian Policy or only a result of close-reading FHS (File Hierarchy Standard) or some such.
Perhaps look for sections regarding example scripts.

In this context, I think the above suggestion makes the most sense.
So here's my plan:

- make the LICENSE.txt file into a symlink, if GPL, BSD or other
common license
- make usr/share/doc/pd-motex/README.txt a symlink to the one in the

I'd need to remove LICENSE.txt then make the symllnk.  What's the
best way to remove the file? I could patch the Makefile to remove the line in 'make install' that installs LICENSE.txt the add a link in debian/links. Is there some easy/proper way in debhelper to just
remove an installed file?

Your questions makes me suspect that you did not notice my earier
response in this thread (even earlier than above quoted one).

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 11:54:32 +0200
Message-ID: <20100817095432.gg7...@jones.dk>

There I describe how I do similarly with Sugar packages.

To answer more directly to your questions: No, I believe there is no debhelper routine specifically for this. Possibly you can make dh_link force overwrite existing object, but I find my proposed approach of
replacing only if identical safer.

Ok, I did it with an 'rm' in debian/rules, hope that's ok. I pushed the

So, pd-motex should be ready?

Everything is ready from my end. :-) Its feeling quite polished, plus
all the rest too.

OK, please update the changelog (I believe installing stuff as symlinks to /usr/share/doc should be noted), and the signature. I can upload it then.

Ok, I added notes about the symlinks to the changelog, updated the timestamp, and pushed the changes. Ready for uploading :)



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