On 2010-09-02 11:20, Roman Haefeli wrote:
>> I really don't get the logic of _adding_ a license at all.

this is only because of some attempts to uniform the build process for
pd-externals (nothing to do with debian), which makes some hardcoded
assumptions about what should be in a tarball/install and what not.

upstream wiimote switched to this template build system just before
releasing 0.3.1, but the switch obviously was done in a rush which
introduced a number of problems, one of which we are seeing here.

> It is actually not needed for running the program, but the libdir format
> for Pd libraries proposed by Hans-Christoph Steiner defines a
> LICENSE.txt and README.txt to be included in every Pd library. 
> Currently, the quilt patch adds the license which is later replaced by a
> symlink (see debian/links). I think I remove the patch and simply leave
> the symlink.

a better approach (imho) would be to patch the makefile to not depend on
the LICENSE.txt rather than add the LICENSE.txt via the patch.

anyhow, in upstream this has now been dealed with like this:
- completely switching away from the template build system in favour of
autotools for new releases (starting with 0.4)
- fixing the template build system with a bugfix release 0.3.2 (which is
now in debian)


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