2010/10/6 Felipe Sateler <fsate...@debian.org>:
> Hi all, (Dan CCed because I'm not sure if you are subscribed to the list)
> I managed to take a few minutes to take a look at the package and it is
> not in a very good shape (it was still using simple-patchsys!). I have
> worked a bit on it, but it still has a long way to go. I will try to
> work on it during this week, I think I can find one hour or two.
> Dan, as you are part of upstream, could you comment on the patches
> included in the packaging? I can see they are in upstream svn ubuntu
> packaging module, with yourself as last commiter on most of them. They
> are older than the latest sc release, though.

Hi - sorry for slow reply, I missed this thread. Most of the patches
are by other people but I will try to comment:

 - not sure I'm afraid, it's connected with the emacs sc3 mode, which
I don't use. Looks like it might disable something from running simply
because the build machine isn't the target machine.

 - another emacs mode thing, not sure.

 - build machine != target machine so don't error out if no ruby executable

 - build machine != target machine so don't modify machine's mime database

 - the 'scvim' script is a wrapper which launches vim with the sc3
plugin. debian vim-addons policy requires the plugin not to be
auto-enabled when installing, so we must modify the scvim script to
detect if the addon is not enabled, and to help the user enable it if
they want to. (Needs to be a patch since vim-addon-manager not
necessarily used on all linuxes)

 - I'm not clear on why the change from -rpath to -rpath-link has to
be done here as a patch. cc'ing this message to Артём who may be able
to comment on this, and possibly others.


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