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On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 02:16:12PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> I apologise again for having forgotten about this discussion.

No problem - thanks for taking action now.
> > potential Multimedia Blend - just agree upon a fieldname (UpstreamDoc
> > comes to mind) and feed it into a debian/upstream-metadata.yaml in each
> > package which provides such information (remember: there is NO need for
> > uploading a package with this information - the file just needs to be
> > in packaging VCS).
> I find the blends approach much better than the wiki approach.

Me too. ;-)  Using upstream-metadata.yaml would make sense in any case.
> >     In short: The mailing list is de facto free and really using it
> >     might be a way to actively be notified about packages which are not
> >     yet moved under pkg-multimedia-maintainers maintenance.
> So far Jonas is (I believe) the only one who opposes this split. I'm
> in favor, and if we do this we should announce it to devel-announce
> and -announce so that we can get some users there. What do others
> think?

Whatever we decide:  We should announce in any case the result.
> >  2. The name
> >     I'm in strong favour of DeMuDi because it is catchy and might be
> >     known.
> This is the name for the blend? If so, I agree cannibalizing the
> DeMuDi name might be good.

Yes.  IMHO it was suggested by Free as name for the Blend in a past thread.
> I wholeheartedly agree with this. I will try to start modifying the
> tasks (they are a good base).
> I've added a new task, hopefully others can help too (I think we have
> too many, maybe we should merge some of them).

I'm perfectly fine with any change you might do on the tasks layout.
The changes become effect on the tasks pages after the cron run (one per
> I don't really care much about debtags. They are inconsistent, little
> used and even less policed.

While this probably describes the current state I think DebTags are a
good idea anyway.  If a Blends would be able to help for better DebTags
design this would be a good side effect.
> There is at least one commit that is not by you now :p


Thanks for working on this



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