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>  1. Mailing list
>     I suggested to use debian-multime...@lists.debian.org as general
>     discussion list (for instance for discussion like this) for a Debian
>     Multimedia Blend and for an entry point of users to talk to the
>     package developers.  This list has turned out to be a good success
>     in other Blends.
>     The reason to not to do so was that this list is used as packaging
>     list of DeMudi packages.
>       List Archive of August: 8 mails
>       List Archive of September: 1 SPAM mail
>       List Archive of October: 1 mail
>     In short: The mailing list is de facto free and really using it
>     might be a way to actively be notified about packages which are not
>     yet moved under pkg-multimedia-maintainers maintenance.

+1 to the 'merge' action.

>  2. The name
>     I'm in strong favour of DeMuDi because it is catchy and might be
>     known.


>  3. The tasks
>     We had also a discussion about reasonable tasks[6].  I hereby want to
>     stress that my proposed task definitions[7] which are rendered here[8]
>     for a better overview are simply a suggestion of an uneducated multimedia
>     outsider.  They are probably not very practical - but it is a task for
>     a multimedia expert and it should be *done* (not only discussed).  If
>     you ask me, it should be done *before* Squeeze release.  Even if we
>     will probably not able to release metapackages (we did not even decided
>     whether we want them at all - see below) - we can mention DeMuDi in the
>     release notes of Squeeze anyway.  If not - we are simlpy missing a chance
>     to get attention of a wide public.

I already had a look and will try to adjusting them, there is
something I'd like to change.

>  4. Metapackages
>     I'm in favour of creating metapackages because they have certain 
> advantages
>     and they at least do not harm.

I agree, +1 to this too.

>  5. Debtags
>     The DebTags technique should be used more heavily in Blends (see for 
> instance
>     [9]).  I do not mind what comes first:  Designing Debtags for multimedia
>     packages and proper debtagging for *all* relevant packages or defining
>     tasks, putting the packages in and use the tasks pages for enabling proper
>     DebTagging.  IMHO the latter approach is more simple and can be easier
>     done.  Once the DebTagging is done properly we might be able to decide
>     about means how to create tasks from DebTags.  In any case we have to *do*
>     something - nothing comes from sit and wait.

I agree, again, and I think the second approach should be fine.

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