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 1. Mailing list
    I suggested to use debian-multime...@lists.debian.org as general     discussion list (for instance for discussion like this) for a Debian Multimedia Blend and for an entry point of users to talk to the package developers.  This list has turned out to be a good success in other Blends.     The reason to not to do so was that this list is used as packaging list of DeMudi packages.
      List Archive of August: 8 mails
      List Archive of September: 1 SPAM mail
      List Archive of October: 1 mail
    In short: The mailing list is de facto free and really using it
    might be a way to actively be notified about packages which are not yet moved under pkg-multimedia-maintainers maintenance.

So far Jonas is (I believe) the only one who opposes this split. I'm in favor, and if we do this we should announce it to devel-announce and -announce so that we can get some users there. What do others think?

Hmm. Now that I reflect on it again, I am not so strongly against it, actually. I see the point of better serving our users, but cannot help being sceptical still - so please help convince me:

Bugreports have been mentioned as an example of inappropriate mails for such list, right? So what is then on-topic? Is it for visions and metadesign - like a multimedia-specific d-project@ ? Or is it more of a d-user-multimedia@ list?

When we (apparently) lack the time already to do the technical work we would like to, then where should the ressources come from to manage and care for such a list? Or do we simply provide the space and leave the Multimedia users to discuss with themselves?

 5. Debtags
    The DebTags technique should be used more heavily in Blends (see for instance [9]).  I do not mind what comes first:  Designing Debtags for multimedia packages and proper debtagging for *all* relevant packages or defining tasks, putting the packages in and use the tasks pages for enabling proper DebTagging.  IMHO the latter approach is more simple and can be easier done.  Once the DebTagging is done properly we might be able to decide about means how to create tasks from DebTags.  In any case we have to *do* something - nothing comes from sit and wait.

I don't really care much about debtags. They are inconsistent, little used and even less policed.

I am a debtags fan. Time will tell if I manage to back that up with action. Exactly because it is (deliberately) vaguely policed, I guess there's no need for consensus on its use - those of us believing in its potential can simply start tagging to improve its usability :-)

Anyone interested but uncertain where to begin, please speak up, and I'd be happy to try explain how it works.

NB! There is absolutely no need to be a programmer or a Debian Developer to help improve debtags tagging!


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