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On 11/05/2010 04:51 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> i'd probably go for a "pd-plugins-misc" (name to be discussed) package
>> that distributes a number of _trivial_ 3rd party objects ("trivial"
>> meaning, that they don't justify separate packaging)
> We are really talking about libraries, plugins is not an appropriate
> word.  Are python objects "plugins"?  How about perl modules? Same idea
> here.

i was speaking more about the concept of "lumping together different
upstream projects" than the actual name (hence the parenthesized comment)

> As for packaging pd-arraysize together with other things, as far as I
> know, it is not Debian practice to lump together different upstream
> projects into a single package, I don't think its a good idea here
> either.

i think this is to be discussed on this list.
i don't know whether it's good practice, and esp. i don't know whether
its worse practice than creating a debian package for 2 smallish files.

>> (esp. in this very case, where the help-patch is fully functional even
>> without pd-pddp installed; having pd-pddp only allows to have a
>> clickable link in the help-patch for more information, instead of a
>> (harmless) error on the pd-console)
> If by "fully" you mean except the part of the help patch that needs
> 'pddp'.  ;-P  The help patch uses an object in pd-pddp. That part of the
> help patch won't work without it.

yes this is esactly what i mean by "fully".

the non-working object is mainly "cosmetical" (in a sense that it
directs you to further reading, but does not provide any primary
information). you should be able to get all the information you need
from the help-patch even with a non-functional [pddp/link] object (and
if not, then there is a serious problem with the help-patch, as it means
you have to resort to online documentation)

i would sugggest to use a "Suggests: pd-pddp" at the most.

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