On Mo, Feb 07, 2011 at 12:12:03 (CET), Fabian Greffrath wrote:

> Er... I just tried to find out what the reason for the .dfsg1 suffix in
> our package version is, i.e. what is actualy removed from the Debian
> tarball WRT the upstream tarball. It seems the information that is
> puzzled across README.source, README.upstream-upgrade,
> get-orig-source.sh and strip.sh is either outdated or inappropriate.
> Is strip.sh run at all? If yes, why do we still build mencoder; if not,
> why does get-orig-source.sh still call it?
> Furthermore, the package uses source format 3.0 (quilt) and
> README.source still talks about quilt.
> Please enlighten me (and others) and clean up this mess. ;)

Oh, I'm sorry, it seems I've drifted into too much upstream work so that
I overlook such important packaging changes. Help of course as always

The only change from the upstream tarballs is the removal of the
libdvdcss/ directory. The README.upstream-upgrade and README.source are
out of date and need to be update.

Fabian, do you volunteer to update them?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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