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Oh, I'm sorry, it seems I've drifted into too much upstream work so that I overlook such important packaging changes. Help of course as always welcome.

Never mind...

The only change from the upstream tarballs is the removal of the libdvdcss/ directory. The README.upstream-upgrade and README.source are out of date and need to be update.

I have updated (and simplified) the documentation with regard to our modifications to the upstream tarball. However, both README.upstream-upgrade and get-orig-source.sh have ~rc3 hardcoded and I am not quite sure (i.e. not involved enough and not going to change this) what is the correct fix for this.

Would it be ok for you guys to "infect" the mplayer packaging with CDBS?

TBH, I'd prefer if you didn't, at least not at this point.

I have a copy of the packaging in upstream's SVN for generating daily builds: https://launchpad.net/~motumedia/+archive/mplayer-daily

This requires some slight adaptations to the packaging which I'm not comfortable maintaining in CDBS.

Fair enough.

This particular issue wouldn't directly be solved by it, since CDBS do not yet support generating tarballs from upstream VCS. But it would make it more obvious which parts are unusual - and even if not using the get-orig.source target the helper variables around it might still help streamline the custom get-orig-source.sh script.

Also, in the longer term, Jérémy Lal (cc'ed this mail) is working on extending upstream-tarball.mk to generate tarballs from upstream VCS.

Cool, great to hear.

Any chance to get this work integrated in the devscripts package?

Might happen. More work, though, as there is no tool in devscripts equal to the CDBS upstream-tarball.mk snippet. Yes, uscan+uupdate comes close but is more aimed at _upgrading_ than on fetching current source.

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