Am 28.03.2011 13:18, schrieb Faheem Mitha:
That "very verbose output" is part of the warning. :-)

Yes, but you omitted it from your initial mail, which didn't make it easier to find. ;)

Hmm. Did you confirm this was the problem by changing the config flags?

Yes, the culprit is that the ffmpeg frontend and the optimized shared libraries are build with different configuration flags, which is quite reasonable and obvious in this case.

If so, perhaps point out to the ffmpeg people that their warning is
(at least in some cases) a red herring (alternatively, produces a
false positive), and ask if it could be made more intelligent.

The warning is only printed if the configurations differ. It does not tell anything different, nor does it try to guess or suggest what may be the cause of this. so again, I agree with siretart that on systems that support differently configured shared libraries to work with the same backend, this warning should be disabled, because it is a red herring and does not add anything insightful.

 - Fabian

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