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I'm confused. You make a change for puredata >= 0.43. Does this break puredata <0.43? The Depends field suggests that (puredata-core is non existent until 0.43). If so, the build-depends on puredata << 0.43 is

puredata << 0.43 provides everything, headers, app, gui, doc, etc. With 0.43, the headers are in puredata-dev and puredata is a meta package
that installs everything.  I wanted to avoid having the package
Build-Depend on the whole suite of packages, that's why I added the
0.43.  Plus in the future, puredata might no longer also install

Also, doesn't 0.43 bring in the required headers? I think the
add_required_headers patch can be removed.

Yes, the puredata-dev 0.43 package does provide those headers, but I wanted to leave in the patch for now to aid backporting and let the dust settle on the big changes that happened with the puredata package being
split into puredata-gui, puredata-dev, puredata-core, etc.

The package won't work unmodified anyways, since it Depends on
puredata-core, which doesn't exist until 0.43. So strictly speaking
the aid for backporting is incomplete (also, it installs into a
different dir, so that would need to be changed too).

I suggest just dropping the << 0.43 option, since it misleads into
thinking it could actually work unchanged with 0.42.

Please update the changelog. I have reviewed this and will upload
tomorrow afternoon (GMT-4, so probably past midnight in europe).

Ok, makes sense, I removed the << 0.43 and pushed.

Offering puredata as an option is wrong too (it still allows 0.42)

Yes, good point. I also now realized that a backport would also mean changing the installed folder, since the puredata 0.43 package suite installs into /usr/lib/puredata now, while puredata 0.42 installed into /usr/lib/pd



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