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> Hi!
> I'm working in gathering all OSM-software related (in Debian or not) to
> include it in our new web. 

Nice :)

> I haven't finished yet but I'm having problems with the syntax to create
> links in wnpp page. I'm sure it's a silly error, but I'm a newbie-newbie
> with ikiwiki :-) David, could you take a look to the wnpp page
> (input/wnpp.creole)? What do I do wrong?

Seems like, contrary to what the WikiCreole page says, the correct syntax is
[[Text|http://www.something.com]]. Still, the page is being rendered wrong. I
guess the ikiwiki creole plugin is somewhat broken.

Maybe we need to switch to markdown? Unfortunately it doesn't have support for
tables, so we'll have <td> and <tr> all spread in the source file.

Or, we could always make a textfile from which a .mdwn is generated.

If that's ok with you, I can start a conversion/adaptation. I'd be in favour of
it :)

> Moreover, I have another doubt: how do you include software in not-ours
> section in [0]? I found some other packages that should be there.

Read "Subscribing packages" in http://qa.debian.org/developer.php :)

> PS: Did you see the new logo for our team? ;-)

Oh, yes, thanks! :)
However, OSM just changed its logo. Care to update ours? ;)

Thanks for all your work,

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