On 11-05-01 at 11:36pm, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 11-05-01 at 09:50pm, David Paleino wrote:
> > Would you mind taking a look at the general structure of the 
> > repository? I believe it's ok, but since you're using ikiwiki for 
> > work, maybe you have more tricks to use :)
> Will do.

Took a quick look.

Nothing serious to put my finger on, so below is somewhat nitpicking:

It seems you commit'ed e.g. css files and templates in one go, instead 
of first the pristine copy from upstream, then changes - which means I 
cannot with a simple "git log -p" see what have derived and why. :-(

Also, it seems Kalles design have been applied as-is similar to other 
Debian websites.  His proposal included the concept of aligning the text 
of the logo with the menubar, which clearly have not been followed in 
actual implementations of the design as of yet.  That annoys me, and I 
have a secret plan:

I have lately been working quite a bit on [SCSS] and especially the 
wrapper framework [Compass] - to the point that I am now maintainer for 
Debian of Compass and a few plugins for it.  I have started a plugin 
with a "reverse engineering" of Joey Hess' default style.css, and when 
finishing that I hope to do similar with Kalles design, usable both with 
Ikiwiki and with other html models.  Please do poke me if too long time 
passes by without me bringing up this topic again :-)

But right now, I stumbled upon no glaring "bugs" in the web design, just 
adjusted a few minor things (and rolled back again some that for unknown 
reason I broke when trying to improve on :-/

 - Jonas

[SCSS]: http://sass-lang.com/

[Compass]: http://compass-style.org/

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