I packaged bt747 but I think it doesn't fit in debian, for now. Why?
Here you have some reasons:

* It uses some libraries that are not in Debian yet (it shouldn't be the
biggest problem, I can package them too ;-) )

* It seems that one of the embedded jars (swingx-ws) is not the original
library, but a modified one. I can't find the source anywhere. This is a
big problem, isn't it?

* In some files there is external code with different copyrights. There
is no file detailing these licenses and in some cases licenses are not

* Embedded libraries are not updated. It shouldn't be a big problem. In
fact, I patch some code to adapt it to Debian libraries. But I don't
know if upstream plans to update jars, so Debian maintenance would be
much easier.

So, after working on it, I uploaded it to an unofficial personal
'home-made' repo (if you want to take a look, you're welcome) [1]:

deb http://dunetna.probeta.net/debian testing main
deb-src http://dunetna.probeta.net/debian testing main

or go directly to http://dunetna.probeta.net/debian to get what you

Now, I plan to contact with upstream developer, but I have not  too much
hope... FTR, I'll also comment all of this in my ITP [2]. But before,
I'd like to listen any comment from you :-)

(Yes, I know, David advertise me :-) But I'm a little bit rebellious
sometimes XDDD )


[1] To get the key, you can do:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 1A49C0D2
gpg --armor --export 1A49C0D2 | apt-key add -
aptitude update

[2] http://bugs.debian.org/533589 

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