On 11-05-11 at 01:14pm, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> * It seems that one of the embedded jars (swingx-ws) is not the 
> original library, but a modified one. I can't find the source 
> anywhere. This is a big problem, isn't it?

Big problem if code comes without source, yes.

Perhaps try ask the Debian Java team - perhaps they have clues on where 
to search for it?

> * In some files there is external code with different copyrights. 
> There is no file detailing these licenses and in some cases licenses 
> are not clear.

Mixture of licenses (which I guess you really mean) is not a problem, as 
long as they are compatible.

The trouble here - especially if not common licenses are used - is to 
figure out if in fact they are compatible - both with each other and 
witg the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  Try first summarize yourself, 
then involve this list, and if we feel incapable of judging ourselves 
then pass it to the debian-legal@ mailinglist.

 - Jonas

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