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Hey David

As sooner or later Debian 7 will be released, it would be nice to have
a backport version of josm as its development is quite fast and it does
not fit that well with Debian Release Strategy.

Sorry, but I would always advice people to use josm-tested or even
latest and not this package.

I could live with a three month delay but everything older is quite
outdated regarding josm's development.

Do not get me wrong. I appreciate your work and I know backporting is
even more work. My intend is to get more people using this package
instead of the all-in-one precompiled .jar from
but I have to admit that myself is rather using a hackish bash script
to update from JOSM than your official packages.

Using the wheezy (testing) package under squeezy did work quite well,
with only
some libs from wheezy but I prefer to point user of stable to backports
rather than testing/sid.

Thanks and cheers


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