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> kossebau wrote in systemtray.h:100
> Hi. Seeing this code, I have a question: from what I understood so far, for 
> this method to be useable from the JavaScript inside QML, the type 
> "Plasma::Service *" needs to be registered with at least
>   qRegisterMetaType<Plasma::Service *>("Plasma::Service*");
> or
>   qRegisterMetaType<Plasma::Service *>();
> Yet I have not found any code in Plasma related projects which calls this.
> The module org.kde.plasma.core only has code to register the unnamespaced 
> type name ""Service*" (indirectly via 
> `qmlRegisterInterface<Plasma::Service>("Service");` which internally calls 
> the equivalent of `qRegisterMetaType<Plasma::Service *>("Service*");`.
> And the namespace in the registered type name string seems important, things 
> broke elsewhere if the type signature used in the Q_INVOKABLE was different 
> WRT namespace compared to the registered type name string.
> Do you remember anything related or would have some insights?

I don't know, this code was there before my changes, I've just done some 
refactoring here.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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