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  Yeah, the clock code isn't something I'd accept either.
  > But with your attitude it will be difficult to justify anything.
  Plasma has a predefined margin size smallSpacing. If you're using something 
else, it probably isnt' going to end up consistent.
  You'll also find iconItem which the Icon plasmoid uses visually will pad 
icons to the nearest icon size internally to the QQuickItem.
  Some Plasmoid's compact representation is a striaght IconItem, some aren't, 
which is why systray forces this to make them more uniform.
  When testing make sure you have the notification applet visible, and some 
  All I'm asking for is, if the intention is to make them the same as something 
else, we need to make them actually programatically match in a way that works 
across any settings any user might have.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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