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  I have returned to the previous version, as the version which used 
units.smallSpacing looked awful.
  Yes, it uses magic constant 0.85, but it really looks much better. I have 
patched the digital clock height too, so it perfectly matches the height of the 
tray icons.
  I think that this constant should be placed inside the Units class. More, I 
also think this constant should be configurable by the user (for example, in 
the panel settings -> more settings...).
  This code has the benefit that it **does not change the appearance at the 
default panel height at all** compared to the version without this patch. I 
have tested this on both small HD screens and 4K HiDPI screens (with screen 
scaling factor == 2.0), using KDE Neon git unstable live USB stick.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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