Am 2018-03-06 06:23, schrieb Bhushan Shah:

On Mon, Mar 05, 2018 at 06:58:08PM -0700, Heather Ellsworth wrote:
Since PureOS is based on Debian buster, the versions of kwayland and
kwin I was running were:

kwayland 5.42.0-2
kwin 5.12.1-1

Using the patches attached to T8067...
1. I built and installed a kwayland 5.42.0-3 and kwin 5.12.1-2 from the
debian sources + the patches
2. rebooted for good measure
3. I uncommented the 'export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland' line in the
plasma-phone script (so that it is back to the original version with no
4. Started kwin_wayland with:
$ kwin_wayland --drm plasma-phone

I can confirm that the patches remove the bad display issue and the
display looks great!!

Awesome, glad that helped!

When will the Plasma 5.13 release be ready? I can carry them in a fork
but I'd like to be working ideally off of packages included in Debian,
or at least the patched kwin and kwayland repos.

Since 5.13 is next feature release and we "just" released Plasma 5.12,
there is still time till Plasma 5.13 release, the beta is expected on
May 17, and final release is on June 12.

So I think best for you is to have a patched kwin and kwayland packages.

also note that kwayland is part of KDE frameworks, so hopefully at least
kwayland patch will be included in Next month's KDE Frameworks 5.45

Given that this seems to fix a severe bug, we could consider to backport it to 5.12 with a conditional building if frameworks 5.45 is found. It's something we haven't done so far, but given that we face the issue of Wayland protocol incompatibilities more often recently, I think it's something we will have to do for other protocols as well.


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