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  Thanks for taking the time to think about this.
  The number of settings (and their inconsistencies) are actually a big pain of 
this project. I'd like to rework it from the ground up. So if I may, I'd like 
to postpone your patch. When I'm finished with the planned rework I'll 
definitely add your use-case into account.
  I'd actually like to present my point of view here so we can discuss if it is 
a good idea or not:
  I'm proposing to have a bunch of standalone items with some common placement 
settings. The items are:
  - icon
  - text
  - window buttons
  - appmenu
  Mentioned items would be placeable by drag-drop in settings like window 
buttons are already.
  Each item would have following settings in common:
  - occupying | floating
  - horizontal alignment: left | right
  Window text and appmenu would additionally have:
  - fill width
  - fill height (default: true)
  Appmenu and buttons would additionaly have:
  - height
  - vertical alignment: top | bottom | center
  - hide on mouse out
  Of course there will still be specific settings for the items like window 
title eliding etc.
  I also plan to create some presets like:
  1. Unity (Ubuntu style)
  2. Thick (thick panel with floating and disappearing menu and buttons over 
icon and title)
  3. One Liner (from the left: buttons, icon, window text, appmenu)
  Any opinions are appreciated :).

  R884 Active Window Control Applet for Plasma


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