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  The patch definitely can wait until you finish the rework. A few thoughts 
that crossed my mind when reading proposed changes:
  - I really like the standalone basic items placed by drag and drop.
  - Is floating really floating or just another layer of occupying? E.g. thick 
panel and on bottom appmenu (on left) and buttons (on right) (floating because 
they are over window label -- or this option going away?): would the appmenu 
elide [1] or be drawn over the buttons? (Note: I'm not saying this should be a 
supported use-case, just playing with possible setups in my mind and the 
floating is really floating would be much easier to implement.)
  - To support my use-case #2 all items should have
    - show on: mouse out | mouse in | always (and possibly never show unless it 
is covered by other options, show on mouse out not available for buttons and 
    - checkbox to restrict mouse area used by "show on" option only to rect 
occupied by given item (for the in-parenthesis part of use-case #2)
  - Some predefined presents are a great idea -- do you intent to support 
saving current setup as a present?
  - All around the rework looks like a big improvement.
  The use-cases I am most interested in are:
  - One Liner with buttons on right
  - The previous one but with appmenu shown only on mouse-in and window text 
only on mouse-out (and preferably the mouse events should be restricted to area 
between icon and buttons -- i.e. if i click buttons window text is shown). This 
is better than One Liner setups for small screens.
  [1] I think this is an important feature, I tried implementing it in D11073 
<https://phabricator.kde.org/D11073>. I must say I am surprised that there is 
no ElidingGridLayout or something -- the patch tries to emulate it, but without 
touching internal positioning code of the layout it will always be a hack... 
(Also why is the backend plugin private?)

  R884 Active Window Control Applet for Plasma


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