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  I've switched to Plasma quite recently and I'm really liking it, but the one 
thing that irritates me a little bit is the system tray not remembering its 
item positions. This results in a random icon placement, mostly for 
applications other than embedded plasmoids (e.g. KMail, Dropbox, Redshift and 
other StatusNotifier items), at every boot. I guess this behavior doesn't seem 
to be an issue for most users, as there is not much community pressure on this 
one, but only a couple of topics I've found on Reddit and maybe another single 
one on KDE Community Forums. Still, the system tray feels more comfortable to 
use if it can be consistent all the time and if its items can be placed the way 
one wants to, as it may have influence on workflow and desktop's visual 
aesthetics. Furthermore, even Microsoft Windows allows system tray item order 
  Having said that, I've done some research and managed to get the system tray 
positioning and configuration changed in a few places, so it remembers item 
positions and lets the user manually arrange the order of non-hidden items. In 
short, a new config list-type property is introduced to store all items with 
shown or auto visibility state and in user defined order. Items that are no 
longer loaded (and which are inactive at a time) are also remembered, so they 
can be positioned properly when they are loaded eventually. The elements tab in 
system tray settings contains positioning buttons for each non-hidden item in 
the list. The item list is refreshed every time a new plasmoid or 
StatusNotifier is registered or unregistered (well, maybe not every time, there 
is still some inconsistency). The overall result of the above changes is 
visible in the video attached below.
  F5749559: Ordered system tray.mp4 <>
  Now, I obviously do realize that this patch in its form is unacceptable to 
get into upstream, as its all hackish workaround to an existing system tray 
codebase. Honestly, my intention here is not really to contribute code of 
dubious quality, but to indicate the issue and provide some ideas and a working 
example to resolve it. I hope you will investigate this further at some point 
of Plasma development and maybe someone with appropriate knowledge and skills 
will consider implementing such a mechanism in a proper way, so the users could 
benefit from it.
  Thanks in advance!
  (BTW, both Kubuntu 17.10 with backports and KDE Neon Developer Edition seem 
to suffer from plasmashell crash after closing the system tray configuration 
window with elements tab beign open and clicking on any plasmoid in system tray 
afterwards. This is probably caused by bug 383828)

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