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  The calculation is aiming for a minimum width of 1200px, which seems to be 
the minimum size needed to display both sidebars. Since the original 
calculation uses `physicalDotsPerInch`, I'm only able to use my own laptop as a 
test subject. It's a 15" 1920x1080 screen. Checking `physicalDotsPerInch` gives 
me a value of ~1.47. That's how I derived the value of 815 to multiply by. The 
`qBound` function should keep the size to something reasonable, regardless of 
the screen size.
  I don't have another machine to test on (particularly not a HiDPI screen), so 
this is going to need a test or two. It's possible that `physicalDotsPerInch` 
may not be the ideal base for the calculation, in which case some more advanced 
algebra may be required.

  R124 System Settings


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