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  Tested it out! The patch succeeds at altering the default size, but I'm not 
sure it accomplishes either of the goals of opening large enough to make the 
home screen and most KCMs look good, nor your intention of making it wide 
enough to always show both columns (not sure if we should shoot for that, 
either: Plasma should still be usable on a 1024x768 screen).
  My recommendation would be to forget about opening to a size that shows both 
columns, and focus on opening to a large enough default size that the home 
screen and most KCMs look good. In my testing, `QSize(1020*factor, 700*factor)` 
opens to a much more comfortable size for me that results in nearly all KCMs 
presented without any scrollbars. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that this 
is very close to 1024x768; almost as if the KCMs were designed for that size in 
the first place...
  With that change, this patch could be marked as fixing

  R124 System Settings


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